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Alina, I'm 49, from ucraina-poltava

Bandiera per la lingua in italiano
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They say if you want to learn and to reveal a woman then you should share her hobbies and interests and to get the same pleasure of what she is doing. My interests and hobbies are as much different as numerous. From one side I am a pure home body and I like to stay at home, to care about house interior design, making my place cozy and comfortable, I like to make experiments in cooking, inventing new dishes and asking my close people to be my experts in tasting))). From other side I can't stay at the same place or keep the same position for a long time. I like to travel, to go out for a walk on the forest, observing surrounding nature with its every detail. I am keen on extreme sporting, my favourite are downhill skiing in winter and mountaineering in summer.

Despite the common fact that women are weaker part of our humanity my reality proves quite opposite facts. I have learnt how to be strong and act the same way as men do that. I am successful, self confident, sociable, many sided, honest, kind and sincere woman. As far as I am very purposeful person I always do my best to get highest results I can only have. They say I have particular charisma and charm to influence people positively and I think it is mostly due to my cheerful and optimistic outlook. I like to care about my close people and usually I prefer to give more than to get back as it makes me happy. I appreciate family values and it takes first place in my life.

I have heard they talk a lot about romantic fairy tails that happens when woman meet her Prince and become happy. But nobody talk about that any relationships can happen just easily only because you want to be a Princess. It is a matter of personal fortune to meet that right man you are dreaming about. But it depends on you only if you could find a way to be happy with him despite the fact how perfect he is. In men I appreciate strong personally and honesty, I would like to see that he thinks, talks and acts directly the same way. I hope he will be kind, responsible, caring, loyal and purposeful with a good sense of humor and optimistic outlook.

Age 49 years old
Zodiac sign Virgo
Birthday 28 Agust 1971
After 23 days it's her birthday!
Spoken languages basic English
Civil status Divorced
Eyes Gray
Hair Light-brunette
Height 165 cm
Weight 60 Kg
She smokes No
Children She has children
son - 1992,
daughter - 1999
Nationality Ucrainian
City Ucraina Poltava
Title College
Employment Pharmacist



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