TATYANA, I'm 39, from ucraina-poltava

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Most of all I like cycling. For me it is a way to feel wind blowing on my face, I love riding a bicycle in the town and in the forest and dream someday to travel to some nice place on the bicycle with my future husband. Also I like reading and watching interesting films when I have free time. Most of all I prefer watching films with a deep sense, films that force me to think about some serious things like sense of life, importance of family and etc.

I am very tolerant person. I try to find common language with everyone. That's why I decided to choose a profession of realtor, because this work needs understanding people's desires and skill of persuading them. I also communicative person and I like to spend much time with my son and my friends. I appreciate family relations and try to visit my relatives and close people as often as it is possible. I think I am an open-hearted person and never betray people who love me.

I am a realist in life and I don't want stars from the sky which man should get for me. I just want a simple man who will care about me and allow me to feel myself needed and beloved. My only desire is to create a family where everybody will listen and respect each other in our family. My man should be self-reliant and know what he wants from life, he should be strong and protect his family.

Age 39 years old
Zodiac sign Cancer
Birthday 21 July 1983
Spoken languages basic English
Civil status Divorced
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Height 173 cm
Weight 57 Kg
She smokes No
Children She has children
Nationality Ucrainian
Origin Ucraina Poltava
Title College
Employment Realter



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